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Welcome to the Book Blitz for “My Free Life” by Necie! I’m loving introducing you to these new authors and books, I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am! Thank you Xpresso Book Tours for this opportunity! So buckle your boots because here we go!

MyFreelifeTitle: My Free Life
Author: Necie Navone
Publication date: July 16th 2018
Genres: Adult, Romance,  Suspense


Freedom. Something the majority of the people on this Earth enjoy. Something I’ve never had. Something I want more than anything.

When I left for University, I thought my life wouldn’t be quite so tragic… Ha! I am now the Capo Donna, in charge of the Family and its businesses located in Northern Italy.

The power struggle between me and my Papa, the Capo, comes to a head when some of my closest friends find themselves caught in a dangerous situation.

In order to save them, I have to let that switch inside me flip, the one I hate, in order to be what they need me to be to save them. The monster my Papa insisted I become, the one he can no longer control. The assassin. The side of me I fear will destroy my soul if I can’t escape from this Family… This Life.

Will I ever be able to wash this blood off my hands? Can I ever be absolved of the lives I’ve taken? This is the final straw.

As friends and loved ones begin finding their Happily Ever Afters, I know it’s time to escape. They’ll all be fine. They have their One and Only’s. It’s time for me to be Free… so I can find my own.

Purchase Links: Goodreads|Amazon

Also now available:

Purchase Links: My Hidden Life|My Tragic Life

About the Author:

NecieHer Motto in life:
You are as young as you believe you are,
so refuse to grow old.

Necie’s a married, mother of five boys. She was born and raised in Nashville, TN. But she now calls Northern California home.

She has always dreamed of being a writer but thought that dream was impossible because she suffers from severe dyslexia.
But with her determination and the love and support of her friends, she is making her dream a reality.

She’d love for you to join her on this voyage.
To share with you, ‘The Brothers of Camelot’.
They’ve been living in her head and her dreams for years, clambering to get out.

Let the journey begin…

Interact with Necie here: Website|Instagram|Twitter|Facebook|Goodreads


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Thank you for joining us on this hot, spicy journey! Hope you all enjoy the books! Happy reading and Happy Weekend!



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