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Hi y’all, just wanted to drop a line to let you know the reviews I’m currently working on getting finished by strict deadlines.

By the Waters of BabylonBy the Waters of Babylon by Mesu Andrews will be coming due by its release day of August 1st! I’m so excited to be involved with The Psalm Series these are very interesting takes on the psalm’s that let you grow closer in faith and help you relate to the bible. I’m currently 22% into it and dying to learn more!







LiesNext there’s Lies by T.M. Logan and this is due by September 11th (it’s release day) and all I can say is this book is intriguing and really pulls you in! I’m currently 14% into it and can’t let go of this wild ride!








Mourning DoveThe next one I’m working on is something I choose to read because I have an author interview coming up for it. It’s called Mourning Dove by Claire Fullerton. This so far seems to be about a girl who gets moved from Minnesota to Memphis and thrown into the life of a southern bell. I am currently 5% into it but need to put the others as top priority so I keep going back and forth trying to dived time between all of them.






These three books make up my current reads and reviews in progress. To follow along my progress you can find me on Goodreads @ Steph on Goodreads. I hope you all have enjoyed my update though brief as it is. Tell me in the comments, what are you reading?

Blessed Sunday and happy reading!



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