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Blessed Sunday to y’all! I just finished reading “The Bread of Angels” by Amber Albee Swenson and guess what?! It was fantastic, I’ll share my thoughts below!

28756433Title: The Bread of Angels

Author: Amber Albee Swenson

Published: January 21, 2016

Publisher: WestBow Press

Blurb: Meghan Martins walked into the cosmetology school and straight into the path of Becky Ellingson, her husband’s ex-girlfriend. Twenty minuets later, Meghan raced out of Hair Nation with half her head highlighted and the reality that her husband was not who she thought he was. He had a son, a bank account, and jobs to provide child support, which she knew nothing about.

Meghan thought she’d find clarity by running away, but she found the truth to be far more distorted than she’d imagined. Everyone was hiding something. And everyone, it seemed, was struggling to maintain the notion that he or she was somehow better than someone else.

It would take counseling, a good Bible study, and a whole lot of tea to get Meghan Martins and her husband, Ben, back on the same page. Meghan would come to realize she was hiding just as much as her husband and that she was equally capable of creating damage.

Tragedy, controversy, and a new understanding of the human condition await Meghan in the tiny town of Oronoco, Minnesota, but so do adventure, hope and witty friends who bring meaning back to her life.

My Thoughts: Ms. Swenson does a fantastic job with her cast of characters! Each have unique personalities and they flow well together.

I was pulled in from the first chapter when our main character Meghan Martins enters Hair Nation beauty school. She wasn’t expecting for Becky, her husbands ex-girlfriend, to be her beautician that day and for this meeting to change her whole life. What Meghan discovered starting that day were deep buried secrets not just hidden with her husband but everyone around her.

As the story goes you’re introduced to her unique friend Lexie and Meghan’s ex-boyfriend who help her along the way to forgiving her husband for what he has done. Also being married to a pastor Meghan goes through couples counseling with her husband supplied by a fellow pastor.

Will all that has happened be able to be healed? Will Meghan be able to forgive not only her husband but those around her? What are these secrets that are hidden in the hearts of the people in this town? To know these answers and more you must read this stunning well flowing piece of written art!

My Rating 5/5 stars!

About the Author

IMG_0589I was a creative writing/lit major who dreamed of writing since the tenth grade. I’m more amazed (and overwhelmed by God’s grace) than anyone that I have authored four and a half books. “Bible Moms” (Twelve Bible studies for mothers) and “The Whisper Theory”  have been out for several years. 2016 brought “The Bread of Angels” and “Ladies of Legacy.” A mini-book I wrote for Time of Grace will be out this fall.

​I write devotional blogs for Time of Grace and Holy Hen House and speak to women with the intent of bringing the Bible to life in tangible, applicable ways.

The biggest slice of my life is as mom to my four children and wife to my hilarious and heroic but imperfect husband.

How to Interact with Amber Albee Swenson

Amber Albee Swenson Webpage|Instagram

Thank you all for reading this review, I hope you find it as interesting and intriguing as I did!

Happy reading you all!


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