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Hi y’all today I have the pleasure of sitting down with children’s book author Melanie Lopata.  I hope you enjoy our little chat!

Mel with Hat

  1. Hi Melanie, so what don’t you tell us a little about yourself? What drives you most in your life? Writing! I have SO many things written…stories, journals, etc.  That’s my passion.
  2. What made you want to be in the writing/editing field? I’ve always loved to read and write and have been writing poems and short stories since I was a child.  I have a passion for editing because of my love for reading and also because I hate when people don’t use proper grammar and punctuation!!
  3. Who encouraged you as a child to pursue your way of life? No one pursued me as a child but in my adulthood, it was my husband who encouraged me to get my books written and published.  My husband encouraged me to start my editing business.  I wouldn’t have thought I could do it if it weren’t for him.
  4. What is home life like for you, do you have children? I have stepchildren, ages 20 and 25, and “fur babies”…three dogs and two cats (four of the five fur babies were rescues). My home life is nuts because of my fur babies but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  My husband and I love animals!!
  5. What books have you written that you’d like to tell us about?  The first book I published is “Hammy’s New Home”, about a young pig who gets into some mischief.  The idea came to me while visiting friends of our who had a pig named Sir Hamelot (aka Hammy) and he was super cute!!  He kept snorting and running around his pen while we were having coffee on the porch and I joked that he wanted to be with us and not in his pen.  And there you have it…”Hammy’s New Home”.

“If I Were a Duck” is a fun rhyming book about a boy who dreams of being a duck for one day.  What kid doesn’t daydream about being some sort of animal?  I was watching ducks in a pond one evening and I started a fun rhyme and the book idea struck.

“Annie to the Rescue” was inspired by the daughter of the director of the animal rescue group I volunteer for called Pause 4 All Paws Animal Rescue.  The little girl, Anicia, would attend fundraiser events with her mom and was so happy and in love with the animals!  She also had two dogs (named in the book) and so I came up with the idea of a little girl who rescued dogs!  A portion of every book sold is donated to P4AP.

 6. Besides reaching the children with your work what would you say to a child looking to be an author or editor? I would say JUST DO IT.  If you have a dream, follow it.  Go for it.  I had many “nay sayers” in my life but I kept pushing on because I have a passion for writing and editing!

7. What are some challenges you found coming into the field and what would you recommend to others trying to achieve the same thing? The lack of support for one.  Marketing is another.  You probably won’t get as much support from family as you will friends and even strangers but push on…it’s worth it.  And get involved in marketing and author groups on social media and do your research..don’t quit!!

8. What made you want to write children’s book instead of some other genre? I’ve always been a silly person…I love to laugh and joke and basically act like a 5-year-old.  I also love kids and ran a home daycare for 7 years so writing children’s books comes naturally.  I am in the process of writing a novel because I’d love to get into more adult writing as well.

9. What are some ways the readers can get in touch with you?

Facebook:|Twitter:|Website:| Instagram:

10. Are you open to reviewers, if so how can they reach you to show interest? Maybe in the future.  Anyone can contact me through my author website.


Melanie lives in upstate NY with her husband and they have three dogs and two cats.  She loves animals and volunteers for an animal rescue organization called: Pause 4 All Paws Animal Rescue.  Melanie also loves editing and has a freelance editing business called: Get It Write Editing Co (visit her website at :

Melanie began writing as a child and because of her passion for books and children, she began publishing children’s books in 2015.  You can find her books on Amazon and Barnes and Noble or visit her website.

Melanie has a fourth children’s book coming out later this year (before Christmas) and a fifth early 2019.

Purchase Links for Melanie’s Books:

Hammy’s New Home: Amazon|Barnes and Noble|Goodreads

If I Were a Duck: Amazon|Barnes and Noble|GoodReads

Annie to the Rescue: Amazon|Barnes and Noble|GoodReads

Well thank you Mrs. Lopata for taking the time to sit down with me and let my followers get to know you! I’ve enjoyed our little chat, if you all have any questions for Ms. Lopata go check out her website!

Happy reading and happy weekend y’all! I know I’ll be putting a book review together soon!


Author Interview Graphic Found Here:

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