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Hi y’all here’s our third contributor to “The Psalm Series,” Carole Towriss with “Deep Calling Deep: A Parable of Faith.” Her addition to the series will be released September 1st 2018 and focuses on Psalm 42.

Here’s what she had to say about her work and what it means to her, enjoy!


  1. Can you tell us a little about who you are and what you write? I’m Carole Towriss, and I write biblical fiction.
  2. What first drew you toward contributing to the multi-author project, The Psalm Series? Working with two incredible authors like Brennan and Mesu was a big part of it!  It’s also such an interesting way to approach turning Scripture into fiction, to find the story in the song.
  3. What do the psalms mean to you? The psalms have always been meaningful and comforting to me.  There was one very difficult period in my life-several months-when the only Scripture I could read was the psalms.  They are full of such raw emotion-Passion, grief, devotion, all the emotions we wrestle with.  But they always lead back to God. No matter what happened, the psalmist realized that the only answer is God, and they proclaim it loudly and resolutely.  That’s so encouraging to me.
  4. How did you approach writing a fictional story based on a psalm? I’m writing New Testament stories now, so first I searched through the psalms to find one that wasn’t focused on an Old testament event.
  5. What made approaching a fiction book based on a psalm different from approaching a fiction book based on biblical narrative? I usually start with an event in Scripture, and decide how that event affected the characters.  I come up with their reactions, emotions, etc.  This time I had to go the other way around.
  6. Why did the psalm you picked stick out to you? Does the psalm have some personal significance? This psalm I picked, Psalm 42, stood out because it expresses such deep and powerful sentiments.  The psalmist goes from absolute despair to rejoicing in God’s love and mercy-a couple times.
  7. How do you use the psalms in your personal devotions? I read them especially when I’m down. They help me adjust my perspective.
  8. What good is there in reading (or writing) fictional stories based on the Bible? Biblical fiction’s highest goal is to send people to Scripture.  I love it when readers tell me they went back to the Bible to read the story there.  And of course, Jesus taught in stories.  It’s much easier to learn through story-telling instead of a lecture, or rote memorization of facts.
  9. What do you hope readers do after reading your contribution to The Psalm Series? After reading “Deep Calling Deep,” I hope readers read Acts to learn more about Paul and Timothy.  I hope they read Paul’s letters, especially the “Prison Epistles,” with a new appreciation of his life and his sacrifices, and how God used those sacrifices to bring others to Himself.
  10. What are the main takeaways you hope to leave with readers as they read your book? Sextus Burrus, my main character, is searching for peace.  I hope readers see that God’s peace can reach us in even the worst circumstances.  He can teach us to trust, even when we think we can’t.
  11. What’s your next project going to be about? I’m working on a new series called “Planting Faith.” Each book takes place in a city Paul visited in his second missionary journey.  The first on is set in Philippi, and is the story of the jailer and the slave girl.  Like all my books, lesser-known people in the Bible, like these two, are the main characters.  The most famous people, like Paul, are there but they are supporting cast.
  12. Where can readers connect with you best?  I have a website and blog at They can also email me at
  13. How do readers find out more about “The Psalm Series?” Is there a website they can visit? Absolutely! Just go to

Thank you Ms. Towriss for your time and introducing us to yourself and your work!  I for one am looking forward to “The Psalm Series” and will be looking into your other works!

I never thought to look at the bible like this until I read about Ms. Towriss, Ms. Andrews, and Mr. McPherson’s work. It’s very enlightening, and will have reviews for “The Psalm Series” coming soon!

Happy reading Friday to you all! Hope your weekend is filled with great books by stunning authors!


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