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Hi y’all, I know I haven’t done a review in a while and one is surely over do so here is one you’ve all been waiting for!

*May Contain Spoilers*

The Bone RosesThe Bone Roses takes place in the future but in an urban fantasy, wild west setting.  We meet Rags, our main character and a great female lead, along with her family that is made of a variety of individuals who have many secret pasts.

These individuals live in a settlement called Rondo, where there are rustlers, rare preachers, miners, farmers, armies, and a leader with a “God” complex.

It opens with fast pace action right away as Rags and her, father like friend Tracker, are robbing another settlement for much-needed medical supplies for the people of Rondo.  That’s what the rustlers of Rondo do, robbing settlements for much needed needs of “their people.” It introduces the K.C. or Kingdom Corps right way as they are chasing Rags and Tracker who are lucky to make it out with their lives but not without seeing the fate of a few other rustlers and what could happen to them also if they are ever caught.  This leads to Henny being introduced as he is the leader of the K.C. and follows them to their settlement.

What happens now that Henny, the enemy has discovered Rondo’s location?  What is the fate of Rags and her family now that they are in the cross hairs of Hyperion’s leading military group? Who will win the battle for Rondo’s fate, the K.C. therefore giving it to the leader Hyperion, or the rustlers of Rondo?

I absolutely loved how this book gripped me from the first chapter on. I found it very difficult to put down when I had to participate in real life.  I really felt like I was living in Rondo, right there along Rags and her group of “misfits” fighting the good fight and because of this my rating on this book is easily 5 stars.

Kathryn Lee MartinKathryn Lee Martin does a perfect job on letting the words and story flow flawlessly.  I can’t wait to read the next in this saga. Thank you Parliament Publishing for giving me the opportunity to review this book and a few others.


I want to take a moment to tell you all, I might be missing in action the rest of June and possibly July as I am facing some health issues that are leading to surgery this coming Friday.  I ask for your patience and continued support and I for sure will be back with new material in August, thank you.



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