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Help Needed

Winning Against Endo with Books

Hi y’all, I know, I know. You all come here for book related stuff you probably don’t want to hear about my health, if you did you’d follow my other blog, right? Well here’s my plea short and sweet.

I put a link to a You Caring Fundraiser page (if your on a computer it on the sidebar on the right). I’m asking for donations through June 30th I need help with medical costs and transportation needs to get to and from appointments. Thank you and prayers and well wishes are also appreciated.

Now to say this about books: book are my guiding light (well next to my fiance and God), they have always been there for me. I know while I’m struggling the books are waiting and wanting to be read and y’all are waiting on reviews and great fun posts, just know I’m doing my best but at times my best just isn’t going to be good enough (at least to me). I ask y’all to hang in there with me, I will win this battle and life and illness can not keep me from my books!

Love y’all and Happy Tuesday!


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