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Hard Decision

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Hi y’all, so I’ve made a hard decision. I usually try to keep my health and book blog separate but being that my health is currently affecting my reading I thought I needed to explain and maybe reach out for some help.

For those of you that don’t know I have endometriosis, it affects 1 in 10 woman worldwide and isn’t very well cared for. I’m currently trying to get into the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota to get what will be my third opinion on care. Yes I have a wonderful team here where I live in Wisconsin but they have now also diagnosed me with IC or Interstitial Cystitis which also affects 1 in 10 woman and usually loves to accompany endometriosis. Well they did this just with a questionnaire and then started treating me for it and I’m not responding to treatments. Now they suggest an Interstim Device which is very invasive surgery and a permanent device in my body controlling my nerves. I feel before subjecting myself to all of this I should see the “cream of the crop” so at the urging of my psychiatrist I’m setting up to go to Mayo Clinic.

How is this affecting my reading? I’m in pain 24/7 sometimes I have good days and I can focus and get some reading done but most days lately for the past two weeks at least it’s been too terrible. I’m finding I can only focus on coloring with music on, yes I’ve tried reading with the music on but it’s too distracting. My anxiety is almost always high and I feel like I’m letting a lot of people down because I can’t meet my review deadlines, though I am trying the best I can.

Asking for help: I’m going to place a donate with PayPal link on my page for those that can or want to help with things I may need. Here’s the things I need help with covering the cost of traveling to and from appointments (all of my appointments are at least an hour and a half away from home) plus help with possible motel stay if I get into Mayo Clinic and reliable transportation as my fiance and my car just isn’t fit for all this traveling so we’ve been depending on my parents and would like to be able to depend on ourselves.

Thank you all for reading this long, sad story and if you can’t donate I understand all I ask then is for your prayers.

Happy Tuesday!


Donate with PayPal

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