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Hey y’all! Happy Tuesday to you and cover reveal day to “The Darkness Within” by Alice J. Black!

BLURB: The dead speak to Peyton. All her adult life, she’s used alcohol to drown out their spectral voices, but enough is enough! Peyton decides to turn her life around and stop drinking with the help of her best friend, Olivia. But without alcohol…the voices are back and they’re louder and more demanding than ever. But what do they want from her? Enlisting the help of local psychic, Sylvia, Peyton discovers that her weird ability…is actually a gift.

Just as she begins to settle in with the idea of accepting her ability, Peyton is thrust into a world of demons. The horror is paralyzing, and it soon becomes clear that it’s not just the voices of the dead that are going to haunt her. Peyton realizes that there is only one way to deal with her fears: facing them head on.

You all this book sounds so exciting and promises to be full of suspense, intrigue, and maybe a little bit of horror?

If you love paranormal storylines and a strong female lead facing her fears head on this is the book for you! Another gem brought to us by Parliament House Publishing, bravo folks my hat is off to you!

Have a great Tuesday and rest of your week folks! As for me? You’ll find me cuddled up catching up on my reviews! What are you reading?


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