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March TBR Pile

Winning Against Endo with Books

So my March TBR pile is a bit large for me as I have been slacking on my reading or getting sidetracked by coloring or other books not on my TBR. Also I am having health issues and life issues again that may cause interference with my reading but I’m hoping not as reading is one of my main coping mechanisms. Now without further ado here is my March TBR pile:


  • The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn (continuing from February)
  • Saga volume 2 by Brain K. Vaughan art by Fiona Staples
  • Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking glass by Lewis Carroll
  • Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

This list is no particular order though I know for sure I would like to finish The Woman in the Window before starting anything else. The thing I’m running into with reading this book though is that it’s slow. I’ve been reading it on and off since February 4th and am just now on chapter eight.

Any books I complete this month you will find here with reviews! Happy reading you all and Happy week!


Featured Image Borrowed From Here.

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