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Title: Citrus, Volume 2

Author: Saburo Uta

ISBN: 9781626921412

Publisher: Seven Seas

Date: April 7th 2015

Rating: 5 Stars!


I’m back to reading my manga, I know I should be getting on with my reading challenge but right now I’m fight a readers block and need short fun reads to try and pull myself out. So here’s another review on a 16+ yuri novel, I hope you enjoy!

Synopsis: Yuzu and Mei are step-sisters in this yuri manga. They couldn’t have more different personalities that you could find. Yuzu is a girly-girl caring more about looks and fashion than the school rules and work, while Mei is student council president who also runs the school in her ill grandfather’s absence.

Mei has been working so hard she herself becomes ill. When her globe-trotting father returns Yuzu thinks she can repair the family and all will be right. Mei’s dad will run the school and she can be a teen again exploring their love together.

Is Yuzu right? Will her new step-dad take up what should be his responsibility? Will Mei ever get to be just a “normal” girl? What will come of their relationship?

I give this book a strong 5 stars and once again need to state this is for 16+ readers.

Happy Tuesday you all! I hope your week seems to be going as fast as mine.


Art found: Here



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