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I took a small detour from my reading challenge to read a fun short read that my fiance found at our local book store. It’s a manga for mature audience only I would say 17+ as this could be considered pornographic with some of the art.


Here are my thoughts:

Title: Don’t Meddle with My Daughter Volume 1

Author: Nozomu Tamaki

ISBN: 9781626925328

Synopsis: Our main characters are mother and daughter both are heroines know as The Eighth Wonder. Clara thinks she just somehow magically has the same looks and abilities and the first wonder as she doesn’t know that her mom was the first Eighth Wonder. Where is Clara’s dad, who is Clara’s dad? That remains to be seen. The abilities these women share are:

  1. Flight: Supersonic flight exceeding Mach 20. They can operate outside the atmosphere for short distances.
  2. Super Strength: Easily lifts rocks of over 40 tons, and breaks armor 100mm thick.
  3. Super Senses: Hearing that can pick up a scream from 10km away, and vision that can pierce through thick steel.
  4. Heat Rays: Wonder Vision, the heat rays fired from her eyes burn everything in their path.
  5. Bulletproof Body: Stronger than steel and smoother than silk. Her body is impervious to bullets, rays, and poisonous gas.
  6. Mental Empathy: Light telepathy that allows for communication with animals. Human minds are too complicated, so it’s limited to being able to detect lies.
  7. Bio-Generator: Eighth Wonder’s body is itself a power generator and can produce output equivalent to a city’s instant power consumption.

The agency they work for is known as Next Ultimate Defense Experts or N.U.D.E. for short.

The evil villain that has resurfaced after a “defeat” 20 years ago by the mother is called Blowjob.

I found this book interesting for its cast of characters and names chosen for them. Also as you can assume by the names of the agency and villain the art is quiet interesting. I can’t stress enough that this is for a mature audience as there is a large amount of full nudity and sexual content. This however does not distract from the plot that there is good versus evil and questions of the past left unanswered.

Publisher: Seven Seas

Date: August 29th 2017

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Overall I rate this 4/5 stars because for me there is something just not sitting right, I’m not sure what though.

Now back to my 2018 reading challenge! Happy reading!



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