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Happy New Year everyone! What a way to kick it off to a good start by getting my first goal and review done. I’m so excited to share this with you all, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

Now as I’ve stated before: I am not doing my reading challenge in order on the list but instead by number of pages in the book or in this case short story. For those of you following along with Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks.

You’ll find read a short story as number 38 on the list. I did it first because hey! Why not?! Okay without further ado here is my review!

The Lottery


Shirley Jackson

This story first drew me in with its lush, colorful descriptions of the community it takes place in. The setting is a summer day, June 27th to be exact, and takes place in a small farming town of some 300 people. The lottery dates back to before the town came to be (I’m assuming from a surrounding settlement).

The gentleman that now runs the lottery in town is Mr. Summers, owner of the coal company and all around very jovial, civic duty oriented man. He makes everyone feel welcome and tries to minimize as much discomfort as possible. Unfortunately at a time such as the lottery it is no joking matter, for you see, each year one person is selected by a completely random draw to, well let’s just say to meet they’re maker.

If you wish to learn how this drawing goes and how this person moves on to the next plane, you’ll just have to pick up Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery.

This was originally published June 26th 1948 and I give it an overall rating of 5 stars for how quickly it pulled me in and how suspenseful it was to the very end.

Happy Monday you all, be safe and have a great New Year!




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