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I’m still on my manga kick, probably because they’re short and fun and I need that right now with some stressors going on in my life. Without further ado here is my latest manga review.

Title: Zero’s Familiar Cevalier

Author: Noboru Yamaguchi

Art: Yukari Higa

ISBN: 9781934876053

Synopsis: This story centers on a young inept mage named Louise as she goes on a secret mission to help her kingdom in a war. There’s a love triangle developing between Louise and her two companions her familiar Saito and a maid named Siesta. This promises to be full of humor as hormones run amuck.

Publisher: Seven Seas

Date: November 25th 2008

Rating: 4/5 Stars

However I only give it four stars as I found it slow and hard to keep my attention. I look forward to reading more but I’m in no big rush to go buy the next one.

This rating is 16+ as well for those of you looking for interests for older children I would recommend this as it’s not overly sexual or offensive in other ways.

Those are my thoughts! Happy Thursday everyone!


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