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Good Sunday morning everyone. I’m starting my day super early with the last review of Netsuzou Trap for now as the next volume isn’t available until next year. Hope you all enjoy!

Title: NTR- Netsuzou Trap Volume 3

Author: Kodama Naoko

ISBN: 9781626924611

Synopsis: Volume 3 finds Yuma and Hotaru in a predicament when they are faced with Fajiwara snapping an intimate photo of the two of them and he’s asking if he can join in on their little side action.

To make matters worse not only are Yuma and Takeda still broken up but Hotaru seems to be keeping secrets and building walls between herself and Yuma.

When Yuma discovers the truth of the secrets will she be able to forgive Hotaru? Will this hurt their friendship/relationship? How many secrets can two people keep before it all blows up around them?

Publisher: Seven Seas

Date: July 11th 2017

Rating: 5/5 Stars

I give this 5 out of 5 and am left wanting more! Again NOT your children’s manga due to sexual content rated 16+.


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