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Title: NTR- Netsuzou Trap Volume 2

Author: Kodama Naoko

ISBN: 9781626923751

Synopsis: This second volume finds Yuma trying to balance her relationship with her boyfriend Takeda and her ever growing confusion with her best friend/playmate Hotaru. It was revealed in volume one that Hotaru’s boyfriend Fajiwara already found out about these two fooling around with each other, question is will he tell anyone especially Takeda?

These girls are getting into stickier situations and Yuma is still left wondering about how she truly feels with Hotaru. I’m looking forward to the next plot lines and what they may face in the volumes to come.

Publisher: Seven Seas

Date: December 13th 2016

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Again this is NOT your children’s manga and is rated 16+ for obvious sexual content.

I give a final rating of 5 out 5 stars. Now to curl up with volume three and read on!

Happy Saturday you all!


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