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Hello all! So I went on a little shopping spree to find all the 16+ rated manga at my closest Half Price Books. My mission was successful at finding 5. Without further ado here is my review of the first.

I enjoyed this and want more, though I don’t understand why the 16+ rating. It’s about angels and demons and this guys who gets to decide who takes Lucifers place while he “sleeps” for a few years.

Title: Devils and Realist Volume 1

Author: Madoka Takadono

Art: Utako Dukihiro

ISBN: 9781626920323

Synopsis: William Twining is your classic run of the mill, spoiled rich kid. Until his family falls into financial ruin and he tries to find ways to cover his next school tuition. Instead of finding things to sell he comes across a portal of sorts and his life just gets all sorts of crazy from there. With angels and demons and a best friend that practices the occult, what could possibly go wrong

Publisher: Seven Seas

Date: April 15th 2014

Rating: 5/5 Stars

I can’t wait to read more! Overall rating? Definitely 5/5!Hope you all found this review helpful, look for more to come! I’ll be working on the complete novel collection of Strawberry Panic next (story by Sakurako art by Takuminamuchi).

Happy Saturday! What are you reading?


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