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I was asked to read and review Out of the Shadows (Shadowlands Book 1) by Ashlee Nicole Bye.

During this time I was going through some personal issues so I’m unsure if that effected my ability to complete this task fairly but here are my thoughts.

In the beginning it grips me and pulls me into this world of humans and shadowlanders and I want to lead more.

Title: Out of the Shadow (Shadowlands Book 1)

Author: Ashlee Nicole Bye


Synopsis:What does everyone want with our main character Sachi Manning, is she even human? But as the story goes on I think there’s too many “pop culture” references. One of the Shadowlanders reminds Sachi of someone from Star Wars, I believe I even remember Shadow Hunters being mentioned once. It just seemed kind of, I don’t know the right wording for it, so I’ll say tacky. This caused me to put the book down along with personal issues and when I tried coming back to it, well it just didn’t grip me the same way as in the beginning. I’m sad I couldn’t finish this book, maybe somewhere down the road I’ll try again.

Publisher: Huntuzie Press

Date: May 4th 2017

Rating: 3/5 stars

If you like fantasy and you don’t mind over done pop culture references then I recommend this book to you.

Overall I give it 3 stars for it’s grasp at the beginning.


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